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The Eternal #4

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Kev Walker (p), Simon Coleby (i)

Publisher: Marvel Max

This is another solid month of entertainment from Austen and Walker. Austenís plotting kept me guessing, especially after that cliffhanger last issue. Surprisingly, it takes nearly half the issue before the blood-curdling violence takes place, but once it starts it is hard to keep it contained. Kurassus, newly freed by the mutinous Eternals, spends the entire issue attempting to convince Jeska that she should use the Apple in order to gain knowledge of the Celestials denied to the Eternals. Essentially what we have here is a retelling of the biblical fall, only with more sex and violence. Much more.

Iím really going to be sorry to see this title come to an end. The art has been consistently good, with excellent design elements involving the ships and the technology, as well as some of the more graphic visual elements of the sex and violence. The character designs are also very innovative both in terms of costuming and in physical features. This is a book that doesnít read like your standard American science fiction comic. I know I keep saying this, but this has a truly European feel Ė and that IS a good thing, no matter what our political leaders might say.

Thanks to all of you people who decided that you either didnít want to read something different, even if it did have naked women in it, or you would wait until the trade, this title has been cancelled. Because of you people, the comic shelves will be a little blander in the coming months. Thank you all. Youíre living up to my expectations with each passing week.

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