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X-Statix #12

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďIf You Think Iím SexyĒ

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Mike Allred (p), Phillip Bond (i)

Publisher: Marvel

I was a little disappointed with this issue. Which is kind of a relief as I was afraid Iíd have to reprint my review of last issue with some names changed to protect the innocent. I donít mean that itís bad, but there are some weak points that were kind of discouraging. Thereís not a lot of characterization of anyone but Dead Girl this month, but thatís okay. Itís her story. She could use some spotlight. And the tying her in to the shallowness of the modeling world was good, if a bit obvious.

You know, I think thatís what the problem is with this issue. The obviousness. The Dead Girl-chic of girls wearing makeup to look dead is kind of belabored and the use of Brad the Senior Mortician to play out a weak necrophilia sub-plot was just too easy. Milligan is better than this, and seems distracted in his storytelling. There are a number of jumps from scene to scene that really make the chronology confusing, and Tike is very poorly handled throughout. I know that sometimes Milligan likes to play with stereotypes, twisting them around and exposing something new about the characters, but that doesnít really seem to happen here. It just seems lazy. And Dead Girlís handling of Brad and his daughter is a little too predictable.

There are some nice touches too, though: the look on Tikeís face when he realizes that Brad is a necrophiliac; Bradís wife throwing the steak at him; Officer Stoneís swift change in attitude when he realizes the cameras are running; and Dead Girlís final confrontation with Brad. So, this issue isnít bad, it just isnít up to the standard that Milligan and Allred have set previously. Itís still worth a read and the story does serve as a stand-alone issue before new craziness begins next month.

If you get this regularly, prepare to be a little let down, but not too badly. If you donít read this title already, nothing hereís going to inspire any kind of interest of brand loyalty.

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