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Thor: Vikings #2

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

“Kingdom of Iron”

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Glenn Fabry

Publisher: Marvel/Max

There are only two words needed to describe the violence in this issue: Holy _______! Please feel free to insert your own choice for second word. I haven’t seen a character get his ass handed to him like this in a long time. Maybe never. I literally cringed and groaned when I saw the bones sticking out of BOTH of Thor’s wrists. And then the rest of the book is zombie Vikings pillaging New York while their leader, Harald Jaekelsson, spends the rest of the book beating the holy ______ out of Thor. I was a little concerned about the “pretty boy” look that Fabry had given Thor when he finally arrived last issue, but now I see that there was a reason. Jaekelsson messes up the pretty boy’s face. Seriously.

There’s not much else to this series so far, but I’m enjoying it. Ennis loves to cut loose and do horrible things to his heroes and villains (if you’ve read any issue of Preacher, you’ll know what I mean – Herr Starr, anyone?). Lately he’s been more preoccupied with damaging the heroes, it seems, but that’s okay. They’re resilient. No matter what the fanboys say about him “not respecting” the characters, Ennis knows how to make it fun. And brutal.

Overall - more unending carnage and destruction for everyone! Plus a special guest-star on the last page who made ME happy anyway.

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