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Incredible Hulk #59

Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďHide In Plain Sight part 5Ē

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Leandro Fernandez

Publisher: Marvel

Itís the end of the story as we know it. Itís The Hulk vs. The Absorbing Man in a fight to the finish. But where are the answers to the questions raised by the rest of this story?

I love the art in this storyline. Fernandezí use of shadow is superb and the cartoon-like way he captures expression is very nicely done throughout. The imagination involved in his interpretation of Creel as he changes from body to body, be it machinery or a graveyard, is impressive. I canít say enough about how much I enjoyed this art. The story, on the other hand. . .

I feel like Iíve been kicked in the teeth. I stuck with this storyline, even though there were huge flaws with it, hoping all along that Jones would pull it out; that there would be an explanation in the end. Some things were hinted at last month that would have been interesting to follow up on. Hell, they would have saved the whole thing for me. Needless to say, they are not followed up on. In fact, as soon as Creel is back in his own body, he is the old Crusher Creel we all remember: A big dumb violent criminal. Granted, the fight between him and the Hulk is good, but that is entirely on the shoulders of Fernandez. How the characters deal with Creel is so clichťd and stupid that I really felt insulted. And thatís only barely touches on how I felt after the story was over and I turned to the last page, set in ďsome distant part of Asia.Ē Screw this. Iím done.

Final Word:
I bought this issue and it finishes the storyline. But thatís it. No more for me. There are more than enough other titles worth reading that I donít need to waste my time with this one anymore.

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