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Kingpin #1

Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2003
By: Page45

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Sean Phillips, Klaus Janson

Publisher: Marvel

Jack Kirby was famously dismissive about comicbook inkers, but Janson always stamps his individual style on a title, and works particularly well in this context with Phillips. Very little needs to be said about this, except that it's the future Kingpin's first foray into gangland, and already he's come fully equipped: he's cold, calculating and ruthless.

Loyalty is something he uses rather than appreciates, because he's a chess player. Tactical sacrifices are all part of that game, so you don't want to be his rookie, that's for sure. Written with confidence and panache by the current HULK scribe Bruce Jones, it's very fine crime, with some cleverly plotted betrayals, and if they can please keep the spandex out, there's no reason it shouldn't be a monster. Oh dear, too late.

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