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Too Much Hopeless Savages #1

Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2003
By: Page45

Writer: Jen Van Meter
Artist: Christine Norrie.

Publisher: Oni Press

That's Jen Van Meter, not Jan. ( Sorry about that, Jen.) Third series sees the punk star household under siege from their very own Grandmama, who's fallen under the spell of the religious right, and the dojo-bothering brother and sister off to Hong Kong with their Chinese boyfriends.

There they meet their boyfriends' own grandmother, a Wise Woman who predicts doom for them all. To one grandson: "Business for you will come to ruin." To the other two boys: "You music will end early. Arthritis. And he will leave you. With a woman."

Their only hope, she declares, is to separate, leading into a lovely panel I'll have Dominique put up on the website, but for those of you who share my reluctance to journey into the time-sucking world-wide web of doom, it's basically the four of them declaring:
"But I love her!" "But I love him!"
"And he's my brother!"

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