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Catwoman #20

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Cameron Stewart

Publisher: DC

Looking to recover from the tragic events that have recently befallen them, Selina & Holly head up to Selina's country hideaway, where Holly finds Selina has set up a little surprise for her. We also see Selina has adopted a new outlook on her recent decision to perform heroic acts, which she shares with a hero who has popped into these pages for a guest-appearance.

Following on the heels of what had to be one of the most downbeat stories I've ever come across, I have to say this road trip arc looks to be exactly what this book needed to get itself back on the tracks. I mean yes the mood is a bit too cheery, and it gets a bit cloying at times, but I'm sure the book will find its way back into the happy middle ground, especially with Captain Cold making his way into these pages next month. The book also offers up a pretty interesting guest-appearance by a Golden Age hero, and I have to say I rather like how this character is used, as he's is one of the very first costumed heroes who made his way using only his hand-to-hand fighting skills, and as such it's nice to see him acting as the man who is teaching the next generation of pugilist heroes & heroines how to hold their own in a fight. The bit of super-hero action that we're treated to is also nicely done, and there's a fairly odd little moment where Selina looks to have taken a good jolt from a mysterious cat idol. Plus, it's always nice to get the issue narrated by Holly again, as her letter is a fun contrast when compared to the way things are really playing out.

As for the art Cameron Stewart makes a very welcome return, as his art conveys a sense of energy & excitement that makes this issue far more enjoyable that it might've been. Plus, when he offers up one of those sequences where Catwoman is performing her death defying leaps as she moves through the city, it's difficult not to believe Cameron Stewart wasn't born to draw this title.

Final Word:
A fairly upbeat issue that manages to bring a much needed sense of fun back into these pages, and while the plot isn't all that deep, the book manages to hold its own thanks to a solid guest-appearance by a surprise character. Now, I do believe that a past between these characters was established so perhaps Ed Brubaker is simply drawing upon something that had already been set in place, but if this is the first time these two have met than I have to say the pairing is a rather inspired one, and the way the character is utilized in the issue is a clever use of the character. The interaction between Holly & out guest-hero was also nicely done, with their conversation before she finally manages to tag him with a solid left hook being a highly enjoyable look at the man's resume.

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