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Wolverine: Snikt! #1

Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2003
By: Dan Reyes

Writer/Artist: Tsutomu Nihei
Publisher: Marvel Tsunami

In a dream, you look upon a Barren Planet surrounded by devastated city structures with enigmatic beings watching you...and your only weapon against them is un-sheathed knives that come from Adamantium housing inside your forearms extending out from in between your knuckles. Sounds like a great intro to a Sci-Fi story! WaitÖgreat Sci-Fi!!!??? What is this?!!! This is supposed to be a book about everyoneís favorite Mutant runt: Wolverine! But Heís in New York, then next he meets some strange little paste like girl named Fusa, who seems to know him and believes he is the only one who can help her, so she pleads for his help to save her unknown race. Wolverine is taken by surprise by this plea of help. Completely puzzled, He doesnít really agree, but in desperation she does not wait for him to agree. (Hey she must figure Iím providing the teleportation all you have to do is pop the claws and bring the Healing Factor! Sheesh címon Logan!) So they port out of New York (Shoot I would with the whole 9-11 thing and terrorist alert warnings going into the Red.) As they are porting, Logan letís go of Fusaís hand and they get separated as he ports to some desolate part of Fusaís world and She portís back to her base of operations on the (assumed) same planet where her people are waiting for her. Are they on the same planet? I donít even know. So, Wolverine is not sure who this Fusa girl is and why she knows him and needs him to save her race, but he is not sure where he was going and where he is at all. Now if you thought that was bad, as he explores this barren world he comes across some sphere that transforms into a menacing Humanoid that Logan battles with for a few panels and realizes that this humanoid, much like his healing factor, has a body that heals too by restructuring itself together as Wolvie snikts and slashes all through the Humanoid. From there we are left in suspense.

Choosing only 3 bullets for this book, in my opinion I believe we could have had 2 more silver bullets of complex dialogue for a book of this magnitude. Then again, it is a Marvel Tsunami book and is geared towards younger readers. Never the less, the comic is a good read and not to be missed! Surely this one of the most anticipated titles of the Tsunami lineup and measures far beyond Namor, Sentinel, Human Torch, Venom (almost), Runaways, and Mystique (well maybe) along with Gus Beezer. Never being exposed to TSUTOMU NIHEI artwork. I canít say I am disappointed by this new and unique style, as new readers and old should not either. The style has a completely scratchy science fiction feel to it. This is a great book, if not the story then absolutely for the artwork! Well worth the $2.99 cost X and Manga lovers!

Final word:
Wolverine Snikt is great because this story line is not the typical mutant story. It kind of brings back that old X-Men nostalgia Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne gave us when they took the X-Men into space and beyond by meeting the outer-space x-cast of the aliens known as The Shiar, Star-Jammers, and The Brood. Logan once again is the solo hero without the x-men. Leaving that old saying, ďIn space no one can hear you scream.Ē Yet, Questions are left: Why is Wolverine on some weird jungle-tech planet and not in the jungles of the savage Land battling evil mutants or Anti Mutant terrorists like The Church Of Humanity!? Nope, not this book, you donít get The usual cadre of Wolvieís enemies like Sabre-tooth, The Silver Samurai, The Hand, Magneto, Cyber, etc. With that, itís what makes this story so intriguing for new readers and old readers of Wolverine. Yes readers, this is a very refreshing storyline. You get Wolverine out of his usual hostile elements and away from his typical nemesis and have him sort of like on an abandoned island trip without any beer!

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