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Captain America #14

Posted: Monday, June 16, 2003
By: Josh Stone

ďIce Part 3 of 5Ē

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Jae Lee

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Old Glory and his girlfriend take a little trip to a Veterans Hospital in order to find answers regarding whether or not Cap was betrayed by his country. Once there the Cap, Hanna, and the retired General they were there to see are attacked by assassins working for the leader of Lemuria who wants to capture Captain America. The assassins escape with the Capsí shield, and in the process the General has been killed. Now, the Cap and Hanna must journey to the underwater kingdom of Lemuria to retrieve his shield and avenge the death of the General.

I wrote a review last month about issue number 13, where I said some pretty harsh things about the issue. So, the main purpose in writing this review is to tell everyone, that issue number 14 is nothing like the one before it. There is actual plot movement going on in this issue, unlike the last one where nothing happened. Number 14 has plenty of action and plenty of story.

I stated last time that I am a fan of Chuck Austenís work, and was sorely disappointed by his writing on issue 13. I also stated that I knew Austen wouldnít continue the disappointing trend, or at least I hoped he wouldnít. So, I was a bit nervous when I opened the newest issue of Captain America, I was hoping against hope that I hadnít just wasted my money, and I didnít. I was very pleased with the story in this book, and am very much looking forward to continuing with the arc.

Jae Leeís artwork is once again stunning. I love his art style, itís not the norm for a super-hero book. Itís more artistic than your normal comic book art, which is very refreshing to see. Seeing the same style of art over and over again can really take itís toll on you, so itís nice to see artist like Lee out there giving us something more then what weíve been accustomed to.

Final Word:
All I can say is that Iím very happy the book is back on track. If you were thinking about dropping this title after the lack luster issue 13, stop thinking that way. Everything is going to be alright, or at least I hope so. Either way, this issue was very well crafted, and I am once again looking forward to the next issue.

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