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Fade from Blue #7

Posted: Thursday, June 12, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Myatt Murphy, Scott Dalrymple, Stan Depain, Tanya and Richard Horie
Publisher: Second2Some Studios

Right from the start there is plenty of drama and Elisa Shermot gets in the face of Patrick D’Agostino and lets him know that she is upset with him, because his school grades are not up to par, this may be a threat to his grants. After the yelling and screaming on Elisa’s part, they finally make up and you are left wondering if Patrick will have heeded her words and do better in school.

Then things get somewhat comical as Christa is on a rampage, she has been writing about sex in her articles and complains she isn’t getting any sex. One scene she is sitting on the commode and being a real ‘witch’ and that’s saying it mildly. There is plenty of talk about dating various men that I found interesting; it’s like when I would eavesdrop on my sister and her girlfriends. As the story continues, there is some major drama as Iya and her lover Avi are discussing certain matters in the bedroom. Avi doesn’t like Iya’s unannounced visit and he dominates the argument with his yelling, cursing and belittles Iya with every chance he has. It’s a horrid scene.

There is plenty of mental abuse that takes place and when he calls her a whore and tells her that no man will ever want her, I wanted to put my arm around Iya and tell her everything will be okay. Iya is told that she has to go and that he no longer wants her in his life. Very sad scenario. These are the adventures and misadventures of the Shermot sisters. The story will make you laugh, cry and at times get mad. You never know what to expect with Fade from Blue! You will love the sketches at the end of the story! Fade from Blue dazzles the reader like a meteor shower on a Summer night!

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