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Misplaced #1

Posted: Monday, June 2, 2003
By: Josh Stone

“Somewhere Under the Rainbow Part 1 of 5”

Writer: Joshua Blaylock
Artists: Joshua Blaylock, Clint Hilinski (background pencils pgs. 6 – 24)

Publisher: Image Comics

A young girl named Alyssa lives in a very utopian, communist world called Realm 77. No one every thinks outside the box, except Alyssa, and for this she is looked down on. She’s smarter, faster, healthier, hell just plain better than anyone else and is punished for that. When her school sends her to the doctor Alyssa has had enough and tells everyone to shove it (she said it not me). When she returns to her home a group of police type people are waiting for her.

When I first read about the this book I was very interested, it’s like nothing being done right now. The book is filled with wonderful bits of humor and a really creative story line, you just don’t see as many communist societies in comics anymore. The book sparked my attention from the day I heard about it, and now that I’ve read it, it has a hold on my attention.

Josh Blaylock (I call him Josh ‘cause Joshua sounds weird, even to me) came up with a great story in Misplaced. Last month him and Tim Seeley debuted their creation Kore and this month Blaylock unleashes Misplaced. Like Kore, Misplaced is centered around witty dialogue, with just a pinch of cool story (it’s actually more then a pinch, but I felt the need for a Food Channel moment). Besides this being the first issue of Misplaced it’s also Blaylock’s pencilling debut. I must say he did a good job, how very nice it must be to come up with an idea and not only write it, but illustrate it as well. Very good work.

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this book, the only thing that sticks out is that it ended a bit to abruptly. Other than that, the dialogue was great, the art was top notch and the background pencils were pretty spiffy too. Also, this book has just spawned my favorite new word “fick”, it doesn’t take “frag”’s place in my heart, but it is pretty close. All and all, it pretty much kicked some fickin’ butt.

Final Word:
What more can I say that I haven’t already covered? Not much. If you like previous books that Devil’s Due has put out, then this one is worth a look. Other than that, I’ve said all I can say about the book, now it’s up to you, the noble comic readers, to check it out for yourselves.

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