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100% #5

Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2003
By: Page45

Writer/Artist: Paul Pope
Publisher: DC Vertigo

Three relationships. One blossoming, one rekindled and one torn apart. Without reason or explanation. No excuses just pain. Just like real life, Nothing like "Friends". When this series started the six of them were running scared from the past or afraid to face their futures. They stopped dead in the present and grabbed anything, anyone, they could to stop from going mad in that dystopian future. To live life to the full. "100%".

Two weeks on and that attitude has forced these individuals to face the problems they were avoiding, with surprising and often desperate results. I think Paul Pope must have sold his soul to some high class deity, how else can he look so dapper and produce such fantastic work? Whatever the level of effort he puts into appearance its clear to see some of that charisma oozes into his characters.

There's something in his creations' eyes. Life, emotion and a glint which says "you will never know me, but you can try".

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