Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #2

A comic review article by: Shawn Hill
Those anonymous dead bodies that keep turning up, they're male as well as female. So they're not Slayers. And, when identified, some of them turn out to be very old indeed. Only they look young. Hmmmmm.

The issue picks up with the incongruous joke of the demon asking Buffy to pay her student loan from last issue; turns out, it was no joke, and he summarily leads her to the ATM to empty out her bank account. What became of all that money she stockpiled as a jewel thief? Turns out that Riley convinced her to turn it over in order to get the military off her back.

Yep, it's poor pitiful Buffy again this issue, which is not a path I want to revisit particularly. I can only hope these echoes of the uneven Season Six won't continue for long. We already went through that in the wildly spinning highs and diverse reveals of Season Eight. I'm hoping for more of a Season Five or Season Seven vibe at this point: one featuring a foe geared to foil Buffy's particular gifts, until she figures out to foil theirs.

But first we've got to deal with so many little annoyances, like the cops trailing the dead bodies when they catch Buffy slaying, and decide they like her for the crimes. It's a little too Hollywood 101, so I hope the blue suits wise up to how Buffy is their ally, not their enemy, and soon. Spike is still sniffing around, which at least gives Buffy someone to talk to while she's on the lam. No more mistaking vampires for good guys on the part of the gullible public would be a nice step in this post-series world.

Jeanty doesn't get much to sink his teeth into this issue, but Madsen keeps everything suitably nocturnal, and Vines does a good job of keeping Jeanty's sometimes sketchy pencils clear and orderly. I'd say there's almost an Amanda Conner feeling going on, which means a lot of good looking folks in a fun-loving (in this case, mostly ironic) world. Well, it's California, but it's also San Fran, so that kind of makes sense.

Magic may be gone from the world, and Willow may be cranky about it still, but plenty of vampires remain to be slain. Which brings Buffy to her newest anomaly, a persistent victim who seems to be a frequent target of vamps. Turns out he's got a special talent when it comes to the demons, and it's a fresh new idea we've not seen yet in any season. Here's hoping he turns out to be as fascinating in future issues as his cliffhanger this issue. At least he gets Buffy to smile.

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