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Crux #26

Posted: Monday, May 26, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Chuck Dixon, Paul Ryan, Pablo Marcos, Laura Villari
Publisher: CGE

Here we go! Troops are preparing for battle! The battle gear is on and the troops are ready for an eviction operation! Hold onto your hat, because Crux #26 is taking the reader for a wild ride! Lot of exciting stuff is going on with this issue as there is talk of owning a whole planet via Terra Cognito Unlimited and the intriguing part of this story is when the troops walk into Atlantis, they notice that Atlantis looks like a dump and is in ruins. When they look again, Atlantis is splendid once more and the Atlanteans do not like their presence in their glorious city.

And there are certain somebodies who would love to see Atlantis turned into a big smoking crater! Standing ovation to Paul Ryan for his exceptional artwork in Crux! Crux is a moving story with heart, it's hard to put down!

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