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Captain America #13

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003
By: Josh Stone

ďIceĒ Part 2 of 5

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Jae Lee

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After watching mysterious films, Steve Rogers (The Captín) begins to question everything and everyone around him. After much speculation that the Avengers (you know, ďEarthís Mightiest HeroesĒ), might have been set up to find him adrift in the ocean, three Lemurian assassins come crashing in the Capís apartment. With one patriotic move the Captín knocks the assassins out, and Hana explained to Rogers who they were.

Either A) Iím really dumb and donít know a great story when I read it, or B) this was the most uneventful comic Iíve read in a long time. I, like most of you, am leaning toward A), but letís just pretend for a minute that this story was actually, incredibly dull. I know that Austen is setting up a larger story, but there really isnít any need for the set-up to move at such a slow pace, in fact Iím not sure there was a pace.

Iím usually a fan of Austenís work (yes, Iím one of the few), but this dolt issue might make me switch boats. Austenís work on Uncanny has been some of my favorite X-Men stories in awhile (mainly because Chamber and Nightcrawler), so when I saw he was going to be writing for the Captín I quickly grabbed a copy. That was last month, now with his second installment, I might not be so quick at picking up ďOld Glory.Ē Who am I kidding, Iím going to be getting part three of the story, part of me knows itís going to actually move. Or, at least Iím hoping it does.

Jae Leeís art, however, was masterful. Lee took a plot that really didnít have much and still did some great artwork. His drawing of the Captín and Hana huddled together with the American flag is just incredibly beautiful and sad, words fail to describe the magnitude of this picture. Itís one of those images that sticks with you for a very long time, like gum on your shoe (perhaps that isnít the best analogy). Either way, the art is perfect.

Final Word:
Alright, Iím only going to say this once, and then deny it later. Do not buy this book, just go to the comic shop, flip it open to the page with the Captín all huddled up, then put it back. Nothing really happened in the issue that youíll need to know for the next one. So, just save your 3 bucks and buy something else, take a look at the other reviews, Iím sure something good is out.

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