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Human Torch #2

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003
By: Josh Stone

“Burn Part 2”

Writer: Karl Kesel
Artists: Skottie Young (p), Joe Seung (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The book starts out with Johnny Storm getting ready to attempt to break the world record for fastest coverage of a mile in a car (the nearest I can tell). As he is speeding down the desert strip a helicopter comes out from behind a rock and messes with the sonic barrier the car was creating. Storm saves the news people from crashing and heads back to Four Freedoms Plaza. When he arrives Mike Snow is waiting for him (Mike is the guy that Johnny burned last issue). It turns out that Snow needs Johnny’s help because his fire-fighting friend has just spontaneously combusted.

First off, if you read the first issue of the series and are planning on reading number two; read the “Previously” section first. I usually do, but I figured I really didn’t have to with this one, I mean there is only one other issue. However, there is a seriously large gap of time that transpires between number one and two. I began reading and had no clue what the frag was going on. One issue Johnny is nearly killing a man, next issue he’s trying to break world records. Then, toward the end it came full circle, Mike Snow came back, a little exposition, and we’re all okay. It’s my fault really, I was being lazy and couldn’t read a couple paragraphs. Idiot.

This issue was not as good as the first. The dialogue in this one wasn’t quite as “hip”, and the word burn was used far too many times. It was really insane, in the beginning a news reporter kept telling Johnny that he just lets people burn and he replies I don’t burn anyone, and burn this, burn that; stop it already! It wasn’t a natural lead in to burn (dammit now I’m doing it) victim Mike Snow. When my confusion of, “where am I,” wore off it was plain that Snow was going to come back for one reason or another. And, the reason he came back was rather disappointing, his friend bursts into flames and died while they were at the fire station. That’s another thing, Mike Snow gets half his face burnt off years ago and then becomes a firefighter? I know if I were to be seriously injured by a fire the last line of work I’d get involved in would be with the fire department. Then again, I’m a wuss.

The art was again, rather off-putting. It just seems goofy, and not in a good way. It’s not that the art is horrendous or anything, just doesn’t do it for me. However, in Mr. Young’s defense there was a panel of Johnny all “flamed out” that was very well drawn. It’s by far the best panel in the comic, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing, but that panel was. Like I said with the first issue, the art would work much more for a different title. For a comic based on the Human Torch, let alone a Marvel Comic, the art just doesn’t fit. With that said, the cover art was really amazing.

Final Word:
After reading this you’re probably wondering why I continue to pick up the Human Torch comic. It’s simple really, as much as it comes off that I do not like this title, I really do. True, I am a bit let down, but it’s still worth reading. If you like the Human Torch or the Fantastic Four, or the word burn, then you should definitely be reading this book. Well not right now, you’re still reading this, unless you’re one of those talented people who can read two things at once.

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