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Sojourn #23

Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Greg Land(p), Jay Leisten(i), Justin Ponser(c)
Publisher: CGE

Sojourn is without a doubt one of the best workhorse comic books on the racks. It doesn't rely upon gimmicks. Instead, it entertains through gorgeous artwork and carefully crafted storytelling. When the book doesn't earn its usual grade of four bullets, something is out of kilter with the universe. On occasion though, Sojourn surpasses its usual excellence.

This issue Ron Marz creates a strange area of Arwyn's world that's inhabited by spider people. He hinted at the connection last issue with the bedouin types capturing Arwyn, Gareth, Cassie and Kreeg in a manner used by trap-door spiders, but it's doubtful anybody saw such a twist coming.

Greg Land actualizes Mr. Marz's new fantasy species. Under the evocative colors of Justin Ponser and the strong inks of Jay Leisten, he vividly evokes an alien race and their culture. The spiders visibly creep out the usually implacable Arwyn, but there is something beautiful and noble about these strange creatures.

Mr. Marz after introducing this fascinating addition unveils another surprise waiting in the wings. The surprise shows how Arwyn, Gareth and Kreeg though very successful in their quest still are the underdogs contending against insurmountable odds.

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