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Negation #18

Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Tony Bedard, Paul Pelletier, Dave Meikis, James Rochelle
Publisher: CGE

Westin has to do some sweet talking quickly as he is ready to be tortured. His story on how he escaped the Negation seems unbelievable. I love the way Westin starts telling his desperate tale, a tale that leads to some shocking drama! Kaine has really become legendary in his feats and busting Gammid, Westin out of Negation prison will be an add on to his claim to fame. Loved the Saurian war-scout and how he can transform into a being that is amphibious with gills. His dialogue is very military and straight forward, he is a warrior all the way. Then there is poor Thistledown who can even get a chance to relieve himself, without being ambushed.

The night club scene was exceptional! Shades of Star Wars as I saw all of the different criminal aliens, lowlife aliens, alien wannabes and alien college kids of various species. Remember I said there is some shocking drama to this story, it was quite shocking the way Paul Pelletier draws Liz being shot. I actually believed Westin may be telling the story correctly, when out of nowhere Liz shows up and eliminates Westin's captors!! Seeing the blood dripping down from her hands was drawn with perfection! The story and artwork in Negation is setting the example for other comic books! It's taking comic books to the next level of evolution!

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