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Mystique #1

Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2003
By: Josh Stone

“Dead Drop Gorgeous Chapter 1 of 6”

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Jorge Lucas

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue one of the solo adventures of everyone’s favorite blue shape shifter. The issue starts off with a lady named Prudence crashing through a window. She is running from a guy who she thought was after a disk that she just stole. She finds out that he is not after said disk when he uses his mutant power to burn her Mortal Kombat style. It is then revealed that she was working for Professor Xavier, who is now in need of a new spy. Xavier seeks out the mutant Forge and asks him about Mystique, Forge’s former love. After Forge tells the Professor of his concerns about hiring Mystique, he agrees to help him locate her. We then cut to a scantily dressed woman in a room with a scientist guy. When she tries to rob him of his latest project it is revealed that the scientist is actually Mystique. Mystique was there looking for the same device and as it turns out, it’s missing. After Mystique discovers this a large SWAT team comes bursting through the window looking to kill her.

Another new Marvel title. I was pretty sure that this one was also a “Tsunami” title, but judging by the art I’d say I was wrong. Either way, the book was decent. I expected a bit more from Vaughan, but it wasn’t like it was horrible. It’s a little odd thinking that Xavier is hiring spies to run operations that he doesn’t want the public knowing of. Then again, it is pretty creative, and it wouldn’t be the first time Xavier withheld information from his team, and I’m almost certain that it won’t be the last. I just don’t picture the Professor hiring a wanted criminal, then again he is allowing Juggernaut to stay at his school, so why am I surprised about anything anymore?

Brian K. Vaughan is a great writer and I felt like he was holding back a bit in this book. I mean the plot was great, but the dialogue was, not as great. There were good bits of dialogue here and there, I enjoyed the line about Alias, but for the most part it felt a tad weak. I really hate saying that, I don’t want to come off as a jerk, I mean he is getting paid the “big bucks” to write an X-Men title while I just day-dream about it. So, I guess that makes it a little easier to run my mouth. It’s not like I hated this book, like I said I kind of like the fact that Xavier hires freelance X-Men.

The art was quite good, especially since I thought it was going to be more “Tsunami-ish.” But Lucas delivered a well illustrated book. I don’t know how many more half naked women he could’ve drawn, but then again, it is a book about Mystique so you should expect that. The biggest complaint I have regarding this book is; why is Mystique purple? In the actual book she isn’t quite as purple, but on the cover, that’s purple. Did I miss something, was there an issue of X-men where somehow Mystique turned purple and just said “To hell with it, I like purple.”? Oh well, the art was good, even if she is purple.

Final Word:
I think I’ll try something different this time for the Final Word. I’ll make a list to help you figure out if you’d like this book, so here we go.

1) You’re a fan of Raven Darkholme
2) You enjoy seeing half naked women
3) You miss Forge
4) You can’t get enough of seeing the Professor standing up and walking around

If the first two reasons best describe you, then you really need to buy this book. If the last two are more to your liking, you might want to just borrow it from someone or looking at it in the comic shop. If you’re one of those strange combinations, then good luck.

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