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Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Peter M. Lenkov
Artist: Frazer Irving

Publisher: Dark Horse/Titan Books

Unofficially the first book in the Dark Horse Horror line of comics, and it's a cracker involving Charles Fort, a very young HP Lovecraft, and a couple of alien nasties. It's a little X-Filesy in places, especially when we have a good-guy alien chasing a bad-guy alien plot, but throw in a case of mistaken identity and the plot seeming to end (with the good guy alien departing having vanquished the bad guy alien) only for a nasty twist to be thrown your way in the last two dozen pages.

This collects the little-seen four-issue mini-series, and is collected into Dark Horse's new size trade format - slightly smaller than normal, more in line with manga trades. A deliberate attempt to spark recognition in the minds of manga-buyers? A way to save money? Both of the above, probably.

Irving handles the art chores exceedingly well - it helps the plot is 2000AD-friendly a la Necronauts or Caballistics Inc, so it's familiar territory for the guy; there are one or two stunning pages (including the open splash which is reprised later to less effect), and a very nice full-page take on the Statue of Liberty.

The downside to this book is that the ending feels a little rushed and unclear, almost as if the last chapter was hurried out somewhat by both artist and writer, but it's still an excellent read - and at just US$9.95, a snip at the price.

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