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Daredevil #45

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2003
By: Josh

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev

Publisher: Marvel

In this issue the Lowlife story arc concluded. It opened with the guy who sold Daredevilís identity to the media playing cards in jail. After a bit a ranting one of the guards tells him he has a visitor, and he looks frightened. He goes into one of the visiting rooms and waiting for him is a huge, bald man. It then cuts to Murdock and Nelson talking about all thatís happened as of late, really good stuff. Finally, the story comes to a head when the FBI busts in on the Owlís operation and DD swoops down just in time to catch a fleeing Owl. As Daredevil takes off, he hears one of the agents say that the Kingpin has returned.

Every so often a comic comes out that changes the game. It makes you look at the medium in a whole new light, almost as though youíre looking at it for the first time. However, this monthís Daredevil issue, is not one of those comics. Donít get me wrong, Iím a huge fan of DD and of Brian Michael Bendis, but this issue just didnít do it for me. I mean letís look at the issue, the story arc featuring the Owl ended with an FBI bust, Daredevil had little to do with the capture of the Owl (other than a very one sided fight as the Owl tried to escape from his warehouse), and this issue marked the return of the Kingpin.

First off, Iíd like to say how amazed I am that Bendis was able to make a five issue story arc featuring the Owl, let alone make it somewhat enjoyable. Secondly, itís nice to see the FBI thwarting the actions of a ďsuper-villain.Ē Youíd think it would happen a little more, but I guess with the amount of ďcostumesĒ the city has, thereís no real need for the FBI. Last, and almost certainly least, there was the return of the Kingpin. So basically it took four issues of the Owl trying to take over the Kingpinís old territory, before the Kingpin surfaced? Seems a bit overdue, but better late than never I guess. Also, how many times is the Kingpin going to return? I can understand why, besides the Kingpin, Daredevil has no real major threats (well thereís Bullseye, but thatís a bit over-used as well). Seems to me that Miller had the right idea, just take some of Spider-manís baddies, put them in the Kitchen, and have the Devil fight a real villain. Like I said in the beginning, I am a fan of Daredevil and Bendis (and Maleevís art is awe-inspiring), but Daredevil 45 seemed like it was rushed to a finish; which, in my opinion, left the arc in a vacuous void.

Final Word:
Iím sure after reading my comments many of you feel I hated this book, but such is not the case. True, I didnít enjoy it as much as other DD books, but this issue was good too. If you havenít read this issue yet, then I think you should probably do so soon, the FBI bust alone is reason enough.

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