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Lone Wolf 2100: The Red File

Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Mike Kennedy
Artist: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Publisher: Dark Horse

Not your typical comic book, more a Secret Files equivalent for this excellent series, acting both as a superb introductory book for a current non-reader of this title, and as a nice companion piece to the first trade collection.

Rather than following the typical Secret Files route of a main story, a short story and a bunch of crappy single-page text pieces and bundling it all together in an extra-sized but extra-expensive book, Dark Horse have stuck to the regular comic-size and price, and presented the book as a collection of memoranda, emails, surveillance footage, notes and other paper-based ephemera, to take a look at the creation and defection of the "Lone Wolf" of the title - an EmCon "emulated construct" gone rogue, called Itto.

The 2100 setting involves a War Spore being released and gradually wiping out the human race, these EmCons are androids some of which have developed their own sentience and conscience, all have enhanced abilities and are exceedingly effective fighters; this book reveals almsot the whole backstory of Itto and the political maneuvering in the background - has an EmCon effectively usurped control of a mega-corporation and is now ruling much of the world?

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