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Lovebunny & Mr. Hell: Savage Love

Posted: Friday, April 11, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Tim Seeley, Cory Hamscher(i), Studio Din & Mita(c)
Publisher: Image

Lovebunny & Mr. Hell are back and as you may have guessed in full color. When compared to the previous black and white issues, the addition of color takes away none of the depth or detail from the hilarious pair. Studio Din & Mita instead through subdued flesh-tones, pastel pinks, vivid reds and velvety rusts contributes to the depth.

Other adventures have been much funnier, but this story attempts to make Savage Dragon's guest appearance important, strengthen the bond shared between the unlikeliest Dynamic Duo and be funny. In all criteria, Savage Love succeeds quite admirably.

In order for the Dragon to be traditionally useful to the story, a super-villain must rear her comely head, and Tim Seeley comes up with an interesting creation that spins a classic super femme power into something new. The addition of a self-censorship joke is hilarious and plausible given the bad girl's origin, and the goofball even exudes some threat until the reader is clued to the Dragon's comedic corpuscles. The villainess must also feel deep embarrassment when Lovebunny actually shows that she gets more than kicks from the hero business. In This issue we actually see our heroine effectively fighting crime.

If you're afraid of the Dragon horning in on the partnership of Lovebunny & Mr. Hell, that's the point. Mr. Seeley employs Mr. Hell for warm-hearted comic-effect that while is the heart of the story seems to be an aside to the main story. Very subtle.

The strangest thing about this book is that the heroes fight more crime than Batman does in the inferior universe. They are given more facets than any DC hero from that same inferior universe, and they still have the ability to be as funny as non-combatant comedian characters. These two are so memorable that they could have arisen from the pre-Crisis.

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