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X-Statix #9

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Michael Allred

Publisher: Marvel Comics

As the X-Statix movie begins filming, we see the problems within the group continue to build, as Tike looks to be forming an unhealthy obsession toward Venus, while Guy's attentions are drawn toward the young actress who is playing Edie in the movie.

Lots of fun ideas to be found within these pages as once again we get treated to a look behind the curtain, and we see the media darlings that comprise the X-Statix group are royally messed up. From Tike's creepy little obsession with Venus De Milo, to Guy's equally unsettling interest in the actress who has been called upon to play Edie in the X-Statix movie, this book does a wonderful job of making one look at these characters as flawed, and in some cases deeply disturbed individuals.

This book also has some fun with the idea of what is reality, and what is manufactured reality, as in one of this book's more humorous moments we see the rumor mill manages to produce a rebel army of deranged Mormons to accompany the digitally altered images of the team's last fight. The idea of the X-Statix getting their own movie is also a fun idea, though I must confess I was a bit curious why none of the members of the group decided to play themselves in the movie, as the promise of becoming a movie star would seem to be an irresistible lure for the collection of vain personalities that comprise the team. As for the art, Mike Allred's work is fun to look at, but it also manages to deliver the chilling aspects of the material quite nicely (e.g. Sharon's escape from the hospital).

Final Word:
A fairly enjoyable done-in-one affair as this is basically a day in the life issue, but with the added reminder that the life of an member of X-Statix is far from being a typical life. So we have the rather unsettling scene where Tike is caught lurking about in Venus' bedroom, and the rather creepy little bit where we see Guy manages to find his way into the trailer of the movie starlet who is playing Edie in the X-Statix movie. We also get a nicely disturbed villain in the form of Sharon, who looks to have been driven insane from her injuries, and in true deranged super-villain mode she blames X-Statix for her injuries, but in an amusing bit she stumbles across the group's movie doubles. The book also continues to have fun with the idea that the X-Statix public face is very different from the one we get to see, as almost every action they take while out in the public is designed to draw attention their way, or to stir the pot, as the group's media presence is driven almost entirely by controversy.

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