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GI Joe #15

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Josh Blaylock
Artists: Brandon Badeax (p), John Larter (i)

Publisher: Image

I love the way GI Joe fits into our real world, as this story starts off in Ohio: Wright Patterson AFB, the first home for Roswell's crashed saucer, before it was moved to Area 51. So, legend has it. It will be interesting that the Joes will be spread out around the world and to be called upon in a moment's notice.

GI Joe doesn't seem too much like fiction, because there are a lot of elite military groups like GI Joe, for example there is the Air Force Special Operations, Army's Special Forces, Army's Delta Force, Army's 101st (Screaming Eagles) Airborne Division, Army's 82nd Airborne Division, Navy Seals, Army's Nightstalkers, Marine Recon. All of these groups are like military superheroes and we now hear about them in the war in Iraq.

I like the way the Joes also investigate as they try to piece the puzzle together and find the connection with B.A.T. and the infamous mercenary Firefly. Now there is trouble for the ex-GI Joe who landed a gig at the Cobra front company, I hope there is no torture involved for the ex-GI Joe! Excellent story!

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