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Micronauts #6

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artists: Stefano Caselli (p), Barbara Schulz (i)

Publisher: Image

I must give Barbara Schulz a clapping ovation for her use of shadows and contrast with her inking job. I usually don't talk about inking jobs, but this issue was done with superb clarity. I love the way this story gave the readers an update on how 20 year old Ryan Archer was abducted by robot beings from another dimension. When Ryan finds out that Karza thinks that the universe somehow changes around him, making him sort of like some kind of epicenter of the universe...Ryan can only say 'why me?' and wants to know why Karza wants him.

If Ryan has some kind of influence on the universe, then he is some kind of powerful being, a gifted being and maybe Ryan will evolve into some kind of god? When Ryan was crying out...'why me?' reminded me of the scene from The Omen in which Damion learns that he is the anti-christ and I believe he said the same thing as Ryan. Acroyear is a legend and what makes a good legend?

The feats that the person or being has done and Acroyear fits well in that category. Karza is ready to invade Earth and all I can say is there is plenty of trouble ahead! Wow!

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