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Amazing Spider-Man #51

Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2003
By: Ray Tate


Writers: J.Michael Straczynski
Artists: John Romita Jr.(p), Scott Hanna(i), Dave Kemp(c)
Publisher: Marvel

This issue of Amazing Spider-Man has no reason to exist. The central menace is ludicrous and not in a good way. The gamma radiation technique mimics too much the kryptonite monster-of-the-week method in Smallville without having the power of the series. I was also confused at how such a thing could be intelligent given its situation. Magic sure. Science? I don't think so.

The Las Vegas to New York change in setting confuses, and I had to double-back to see who was in which city. The creature's unfamiliarity with his new surroundings just reeks of misunderstood cliche behavior. Is there really that much difference between a Las Vegas strip show and a contemporary nightclub scene? This might have worked better if the creature had wrecked a high-class joint or ballroom.

The Mary Jane and Spidey parts while admittedly enjoyable should have been saved for a more potent story. They're just gold dust amid pyrite.

Most of the humor falls flat this issue, and Spidey's behavior is quite rude not funny. It is not funny when anybody loses sleep due to the actions of a jackass. I had to buy white noise CDs and consistently must buy batteries for my CD player in order to get a good night's sleep due to the inconsiderate actions of sphincter up the street.

The second joke which involves detective Lamount would have worked better visually. I would have rather seen the heroes mentioned in his dialogue stop by, check the character's credentials and go on their business as he waits for Spidey.

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