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The Strangers #1

Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Lik and Angel Feral Eyed..."

Writers: Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier
Artists:Manuel Garcia(p)Eduardo Alepuente(i)Olivier & Stephane Peru(c)

I've been frequently delighted by the Lofficers works. Indeed, my first encounter with Jean-Marc's writing involved the only professionally published version of the Doctor meeting the crew of Kirk's Enterprise. He also posted quite intelligently to rec.arts.dr.who.

Manual Garcia impressed me with his artwork on the highly recommended Steve Engelheart mini-series The Avengers: Celestial Quest.

I wanted to like the Strangers. It seemed to come from the old school multiverse that DC shamelessly and thoughtlessly discarded. The problem is that that the Lofficers write down to their audience. They place all the exposition in dialogue and make it clunky. The biographies of the characters should have been encapsulated in narrative blocks. The dialogue lacks a flow, and this made reading the story difficult.

That said, there is a potential for these characters especially under Manuel Garcia's lush artwork and fine sense of anatomic prowess. Certainly, there are cheesecake shots, but no more so than in other comic books, and the heroes of both sexes are treated seriously.

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