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Spawn #123

Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Plot: Todd McFarlane & Brian Holguin
Story: Brian Holguin
Pencils: Angel Medina

Publisher: Image

It's odd to see Spawn helpless, but when he is in the form of Al Simmons, I guess this is possible. Who would think Nyx, a mere Wiccan could make Al Simmons feel helpless and powerless. A man who has been described as a 'soldier from Hell'. I felt sorry for Al, as his loneliness is overwhelming and all he wants is to be touched and Nyx is available for him. Nyx is attractive and Al falls for her enchanting beauty. The scene in which Al pulls a shard from his arm and his blood spills out and becomes his Spawn cape was an incredible scene. Angel Medina depicts this with awesome clarity. Al in this scene feels his curse in being Spawn. It was a horrifying scene to see Al entrapped by the seductive Nyx and now she takes a large blade and is ready to thrust it into his chest. It still echoes in my mind on what she had to say to Al: "I won't lie to you Al, this is going to hurt!" As the blade is placed squarely over his heart! Wow!

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