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Way of the Rat #10

Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artists: Jeff Johnson (p), Tom Ryder (i)

Publisher: CGE

So, our hero Boon has been a bit of a plonker and allowed the Book of Hells to fall into the wrong hands, cue the release of an absolutely massive Emperor Dragon, whom it is impossible to kill by normal means. On the one hand, we have Boon, with a bit of skill in swordplay and a nice sword - on the other, we have an Emperor Dragon who cannot be killed. Now play nice.

Most of the issue is given over the consequences of the Dragon's rampage through the city of Zhumar, with various other players moving into place - it's also nice to see Po, the talking monkey, have absolutely no idea of what to do next - beyond advising Boon to get inside the Dragon's stomach - best bet is to be eaten then!

There are two more issues in this storyline (and the cover of #12 should be a gorgeous sight, being the culmination of six linked covers and the dragon's head), with the city in flames in the next issue, there's obviously a lot more death and destruction to rain down before the arc is over...and Boon will have some real though consequences of his actions to face.

The issue is only really let down by the pacing being so fast the issue is over in a flash, and the feeling the comic is amongst those in the CGE stable intended for more juvenile audiences - the death and destruction so far is not really very obvious...not that I'm necessarily asking for gore, but there should've been a phenomenal number of deaths so far and much of the city wrecked - rather than a couple of walls down and that's about it.

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