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Fade from Blue #6

Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Story: Myatt Murphy
Art: Scott Dalrymple

Publisher: Second2Some Studios

I sure love the artwork that is done in this comic book. Scott Dalrymple doesn't draw mis-proportioned women, he draws women that look like normal. Like any girl walking up and down your street. Everything he draws is very realistic and it's almost like looking at a photo, instead of a drawing. I applaud Scott for his talent. Myatt really works hard in allowing his readers to get to know the sisters in this story....Iya, Marit, Elisa and Christa.

In this story, everything is really focused on Elisa. The readers see how her mind she looks in the mirror and wonders if she looks more like her father or her mother. Elisa has talent and with all of the emotions bottled up inside of her...she displays that she could become a great actress. There is a scene in which her sisters abandon her and she feels all kinds of hurt. The reader can't help but feel empathy for this innocent girl who is mixed up in things that seem beyond her comprehension. Her father is not around, but yet she consistently writes letters to him. Her heart is with her father and the readers can feel her pain.

Even though this story centers on Elisa, Myatt starts the story with a bang as Mr. Banjax goes through a horrific ordeal in a parking garage. I will hint to the fact there is a dramatic scene with a man who is armed and lying in wait and plenty of gunfire. If you don't know about the suspense, twists and surprises to Fade from Blue, then check out their website and order some back issues! You want's all here in Fade from Blue!

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