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G.I. Joe #14

Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Josh Blaylock
Artists: Kevin Sharpe & Brandon Badeaux (p), John Larter (i)

Publisher: Image

Wow! The Joes have plenty to worry about, since the Dreadnoks and Cobra are a imminent threat in their horizons. I love getting to know what some of the Joes do when they are not fighting the good fight, like it was mentioned that Craig plays in a band called the K-otics. I want to know what the others do on their free time.

It was quite interesting on how there is some minor complaints going on, such as how Doctor Mindbender gets a retinal scan, a security program that he installed and now he is subjected to it and doesn't like it. It's funny and makes this story quite entertaining. The entertainment continues when there is a scene in which the Cobra Commander himself talks about getting stressed. It shows their human side. Cobra Commander may be evil, but he is human like everyone else. I just wonder if he breaks out in hives when he is stressed.

I love the good one liners, like when Giovanni compliments the Baroness who is a real knock-out. His line? He says that a potato sack would look good on her. This is a good line for any single guy going after a real looker. I love the action, the drama, the superb artwork and I always get a heated battle and I found it right there with Mutt who is struggling for his life! GI Joe really hits homebase everytime!

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