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Daredevil #44

Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Returning home from a date, Matt finds himself the lead suspect in a murder investigation, with his home being searched, while he is brought downtown for questioning. Meanwhile the Owl starts rebuilding the Kingpin's criminal empire.

If Brian Michael Bendis wasn't so gosh darn good at delivering some of the most engaging dialogue I'm ever seen in comics, then I would find his work incredibly frustrating, as he does tend to have a more deliberate pace to his stories. I mean this issue basically has Matt returning home to find the police executing a search warrant of his home, and he is then brought in for questioning, where we see Matt pretty much has all his bases covered. However, while this isn't exactly much in the way of plot advancement, I must confess that I was never bored, and most of my grumbling stems from a desire to see what twist Brian Michael Bendis is going to toss our way next. This issue does deserve full marks for its delivery of a genuine feeling relationship being developed between Matt & Milla, and there also a very clever use of Matt's enhanced senses in the police station as he listens in on the conversation behind the one-way mirror.

As for the art, Alex Maleev continues to astound me with how well his art meshes with the writing, and he gets a truly wonderful scene in this issue where the background is altered to reflect the era where Hell's Kitchen earned its name. The double page spread where Matt is taken out of his home by the police is also a lovely bit of storytelling.

Final Word:
An issue that's a little frustrating in that there's not much plot advancement to be found in these pages. However, the roses that this issue is stopping to smell do result in some truly engaging reading, and I will concede that it is nice to see a book that takes the time to fully address almost every concern a reader could have. The police investigation we're treated to in this issue has a real authenticity to it, and I love the idea that the police captain is almost petrified of Matt. I also have to say that I'm a bit concerned that Matt is entering a new relationship, as Milla is turning into a fairly engaging character, but Matt's history with women doesn't make her future look especially bright, and with Typhoid Mary looming on the horizon, I'm starting to think her days are numbered.

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