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Tech Storm #1

Posted: Wednesday, February 26, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Written and Drawn: Ryan Crouse
Publisher: Star Verse Comics

Ryan rock and rolls with this sci-fi adventure as everything takes place in the year 3050! The big threat to civilization is Death and his cyborg minions! Death has created a new breed of monstrosities called Brontos. Ryan draws his characters with enthusiasm. You can see that with the very unique outfits his characters wear. Everything comes to a climax when the hero Tech Storm starts wailing on Death. This is a battle to the bitter end. Tech Storm cries out…”bring it on!” Things get somewhat tense, as the reader will witness a loss of an arm during battle and an explosion from a ‘tech-bomb’! When Tech Storm and Death come face-to-face it’s not a pretty picture!

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