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Plastic Farm #1

Posted: Friday, February 21, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Credits: Plastic Farm - Written and Drawn by Rafer Roberts. The Hope - Written by Sean C. Duffey - Drawn by Jake Warrenfeitz.

Publisher: Plastic Farm Press

Wow! You get some great stories in just one comic book! In the beginning you will meet Cheezer, who has gotten so wasted after doing a hard night of partying, he is now sprawled out on the floor and his friend Ossifer is definitely on his butt about it. Cheezer has a vague memory of his nighttime misadventure and rambles on about some of the events he did recall. From this story, Cheezer gets into a story about a cow poke called The Kamikaze Kid. This is a good western story that reminded me of a good spaghetti western like "They Call Me Trinity". You see Kamikaze Kid riding on a dinosaur looking hell beast. Kamikaze Kid tries to explain to the townsfolk that he is a peaceful man and doesn't carry any weapons. All this guy wants is another drink.

I must say that soon I will be going on vacation to Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand this March and I always pack up some comic books for my reading pleasure. This comic book is going with me, so I can read again on the long flight to Asia. I really got a kick out of the Kamikaze Kid with his very strange eyes, that are more frightening than the glass eye on the butcher seen in the movie "Gangs of New York". I had one complaint about this story and itís because of the lettering font. Some of it was either too small or set in a slanting edge, which was somewhat hard on my eyes. You get everything in this story from a gypsy with a crystal ball to Kamikaze Kid using Uzi machine guns to gun his way out of a bad situation. There is some grotesque scenes in which one victim has his eye blown out and another victim gets his brains splattered. In fact Kamikaze Kid gets a harpoon shot at him and the harpoon gets rammed into his chest cavity. Then after this story we get back to Cheezer who at this time starts smoking a joint. Cheezer tells a good story about the Kamikaze Kid!

Then the second story is called "The Hope". Excellent sci-fi and some good font lettering which is easy on the eyes. The astronauts of this story land on a planet and are ready to rape the planet of its minerals. All under the leadership of Captain Morgan Basset and his crew of the Endeavor. They encounter some aliens that will have the hair up on your back stand up on end! I give this comic book high regards, it's the next evolutionary step in comic book reading!

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