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Firebreather #2

Posted: Monday, February 10, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Andy Kuhn

Publisher: Image

Duncan Rosenblatt is your everyday teenager from a divorced family, trying to settle into a new school whilst living with his mother, seeing his dad one weekend a month. The difference is Duncan's dad is a 150ft fire-breathing dragon who wants to rule the world, and Duncan has inherited some of his abilities and looks - so whilst Duncan's mother tries to keep him grounded in the real world, it's hard for him as he dad wants him to follow in his shoes.

The book opens with Duncan having another torrid time at school, the jocks are making life hard for him until he fights back - somewhat easier than in the real life, when you have some sort of super-strength! This, of course, lands Duncan in trouble with the principal - just as well his dad's lawyer is on hand to sort things's handy having a megalomaniac billionaire monster for a father sometimes.

Duncan is slowly making friends at school, however - the other misfits, for example - although this all threatens to fall to pieces in a weekend trip over to his dad's place...first of all the hundred-million-dollar security plane taking him gets inadvertantly attacked by his dad's defense systems, and secondly his dad intends to test his powers - with a life-threatening scenario.

There are numerous nice touches throughout this book, making it a joy to read - a few laugh-out-loud moments (for example, check out the Nick Fury-esque soldier escorting Duncan trying to explain the Birds and the Bees - the whole sequence from that panel for the next couple of pages is filled with bon mots and excellent comedic timing; also Duncan has a good excuse for not doing his homework: "my homework was eaten by my dad").

An immensely promising book, with just the right undercurrent of fatalism for Duncan - for example, he has consistently moved schools, so has been unable to make long-lasting which case why should he even bother trying to make friends and fit in at a new school, when he's bound to move again in short order?

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