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Clockmaker #1

Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Jim Krueger
Artists: Matt Smith et al

Publisher: Image

The first thing you think when you open this comic up is “what the fuck?” This is because it’s racked as a typical US comic, but is in fact folded in half to get it down to that size – the actual comic itself is more of a size akin to 2000AD (a little down from A4) – and so have a sort of false cover for the “real” size hiding behind the real cover at the “false” size. Confused? You will be.

At least, you will be when you read the comic. It doesn’t appear to be great value for money, there’s only twelve pages of story in it – and one can’t really use the excuse that the bigger pages have been exploited fully to fit more story in, as panel layout and proportions are identical to those in a smaller comic…giving the feel of the double-size being nothing more than a gimmick rather than an intrinsic element to the comic. Which is a damn shame, because using the larger pages to fit in more panels, more demanding and interesting layouts, and upping the exposition quotient would have made this a far better comic.

As it stands, it’s somewhat a confusing mess of a story, the characters aren’t introduced particularly well – some guy and his dad are being chased up a convoluted clock mechanism by something unseen, then they get killed…and this guy’s sister becomes the new Clockmaker…except we, the readers, know that her supposed “helper” is actually a bit of a git. It feels like a 22-page story has been squeezed into 12 pages – and as the same number of panels as in a 22-pager could’ve fit in the 12 pages easily, it’s a real shame.

I’m hoping that future instalments will allow the artists to break free of traditional thinking and really let their imaginations run riot, and give us an oversized comic that is oversized for a reason. At the moment it is just a brave, but flawed, experiment.

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