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Venture #2

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Jamal Igle (p), J Brown (i)

Publisher: Image

Disappointingly this issue runs pretty much as expected from the closing pages of issue one - mysterious school teacher Joe Campbell is blackmailed by reporter Reggie Baxter into garbing himself in a stereotypical superhero costume and doing the hero thang ... all in the name of helping turn Baxter into a household name. Campbell finally gets the haircut mooted by the cover of issue #1, although interestingly enough the name "Venture" hasn't yet been coined for him - no doubt this is shortly on its way. Campbell breaks up a kidnapping easily, but the media go off on the wrong tangent, leaving Baxter without his scoop, and therefore we'll likely see some big public display of Campbell's powers next issue.

Artwise this book is good - I discussed the inappropriate covers last time, rest assured the situation is still the same - there's some good use of backgrounds and panel arrangements to move the story along, but there's nothing groundbreaking here - if you've read a superhero comic before, you know what you're in for.

Plotwise this book is pretty much a disaster - it's just so run of the mill. Immensely disappointing for the new wave of Image comics, it's a new direction for them, sure, but their new direction feels like a retread of 1980s Marvel - of course, this means that anyone not familiar with these books will not have a problem with the plots.

For me, it's the sparkling dialogue that saves this book from being a mess, though - there's some excellent scripting moments from Faerber, some great character interaction, and a cool (and funny) pair of silent pages close to the start of the book.

Again, it's a good ground floor book to get into, but Mr Faerber, please strike off into areas previously unexplored!

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