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Blade of the Immortal #74

Posted: Saturday, February 1, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

"Fall Frost, 2 of 6"

Writer/Artist: Hiroaki Samura
Publisher: Dark Horse

Well, Shira has taken the first part of his revenge on Manji, by cutting his arm off (as Manji did the same to Shira some time ago). However, Shira isn't familiar with Manji's special bloodworms, and watches in amazement as it heals up in front of his eyes. Magatsu sees his opportunity to take his own vengeance for his dead girlfriend, but Shira sweeps him aside like a leaf, and we find out what Shira did immediately after his arm was cut off, and how he's turned it to his advantage - it's nasty.

More yuk-yuks this issue as Manji declares he doesn't want to fight Shira as he's too boring, and turns to walk away - until Shira finally interests him in a confrontation...great reaction from the bandits Shira hired to distract Manji last issue, and some great action scenes as the battle of Shira vs. Magatsu is short, sharp and just a minor distraction as far as the experienced Shira is concerned. His body language shows he is totally in control of this fight...and wants the Manji match-up so bad it hurts.

Another excellent issue in this marvellous series, it's one of Dark Horse's finest.

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