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Invincible #1

Posted: Friday, January 31, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Cory Walker

Publisher: Image

A lack-lustre cover (the titular hero faces off against a, er, shadow) hides this new superhero series: "Girls, acne, homework, super-villains...when you're a teenager, it helps to be Invincible". An alternative title for this book could be "Superman's Son"...sorry, I mean "Omniman's Son". Yes, Omni-Man is this Superman-like being with a wife and kid, Mark - the wife is essentially Lois Lane with her hair in a bun (very attractive I don't think), the boy is desperately waiting to see if he'll inherit his dad's powers.

One day, whilst chucking out the trash at the burger joint he works at, Mark literally chucks the rubbish a heck of a distance. Reasoning this means his powers have emerged, decides to test out his power of flight by stepping off the roof, if the power isn't ready yet then his invulnerability should keep him healthy - immediately he realises that if he hasn't actually developed flight yet then maybe the invulnerability hasn't materialised either!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Mark breaks up a bank robbery - his dad seems happy that Mark is entering the family business, but, of course, a costume and a name are essential. His first pass at a costume is somewhat of a disappointment to Mark, he wants something iconic (in a neat touch referring to the book's creators also wanting something iconic for this book) and the magic word is inadvertantly presented to him by his school's principal, whilst being reprimanded for pushing rather too hard against the school bully.

This isn't a bad book by any means, there are numerous great touches in the dialogue, a good injection of humour to keep things flowing - the art just looks a little angular at times, maybe a little staid colour-wise and very basic in background detail; whilst the plot seems a little too familiar, it will need another couple of issues to strike its own path. The danger, of course, is that the book will just descend into a lite version of the classic Spider-Man tales, defeating muggers or robbers on a monthly basis, with ridiculous super-villains being introduced just for the sake of it. This character has a lot of super-powers, and all at a high level - pitting him against interesting foes is going to be a heck of a challenge.

Having said that, it's worth checking out if you're not overly familiar with the backstory of teen heroes, or if you want to jump in on the ground floor with a new guy...

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