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Ultimate Spider-Man #35

Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

5BULLETSWriter: Brian Michael BendisArtist: Mark BagleyPublisher: MarvelThere's a horrific scene in this issue that totally blew me away. After fifteen or so pages of Spidey enjoying this black gloop forming his new suit, very reminiscent of the return from the Secret Wars story in Amazing Spider-Man all those years ago, suddenly he finds out the downside, and it's very nasty indeed.Once again Bendis defies expectations - after all, his run on Ultimate Spider-Man (and, to some extent, virtually every book he's worked on) has been typified by slow-moving plots, loadsa spot on dialogue, the odd blast of action, but basically the characters getting on with their lives and the plot intruding occasionally. Not so in this issue...Spidey reveals in the freedom offered to him by the black suit - no more web cartridges he thinks (as a adjunct to that - think how much money he'll save from now on, that fluid is damn expensive), he just thinks about firing the web and out it comes, it can absorb bullets without harming the wearer...the suit is the dog's gonads, and Spidey lives it to the hilt...stopping bank raids, busting up mugging, helping cats across the street, rescuing old ladies trapped up trees...well, maybe not, but you get the idea.Then for what happen to happen as it does, so suddenly and so completely...this is Bendis not only playing with the form, but playing with expectations of his work, turning it all on its head and producing what could well be the best set of comics Marvel has ever published. Maybe with the exception of Alias, written by...oh, one Brian Michael Bendis.Go and buy it.

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