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Marky Comics CD

Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer and Artist: Mark Cardoso
Publisher: Marky Comics

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The evolution of Mark Cardoso's characters are amazing! From comic books in a large format to his ashcan size comics to comics on CD Roms! His artwork has changed from light with little details to lots of details, with the great use of shadows! From light text to heavy text and plenty to read! Even the character's costumes have changed! On these discs you get good rock music with the use of the Spider-Man movie theme! I can still here the lyrics...'when a hero can save us' in my head! There is some heavy violence and adult language. The story is very dramatic when an altercation with a crime boss takes place. There is a nice Heather pin-up that you will enjoy! Plus there are many pin-ups at the end of the discs and some are in livid color! You will get some biting, drop kicks and other means of fighting in these stories! You will be horrified when you see a victim who falls to the abuse of a bad guy named Bectin and his henchmen. You will get a kick out of a girl heroine named Tiffany, she's a real cutie. In one story you have a choice of endings, which you don't find too often in comics. If you like the new TV show called 'Fast Lane", you will like Marky Comics on CD Rom!

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