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The First #27

Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Barbara Kesel, Greg Tocchini, Drew Geraci, Laura Villari, Dave Lanphear
Publisher: CGE

Are Ingra & Pyrem truly in love? The way The First #27 starts off and seeing these two together, that is what I gathered. But as the story progresses, Ingra shows a different side to Enson. I can say for sure Pyrem is indeed in love and who is to blame him, Ingra is a very beautiful woman. Kudos to Greg Tocchini for his magnificent artwork in this issue! There were many scenic landscapes depicted in this story and I was thrown for a loop at every gorgeous scene! Especially the beautiful garden that Ingra and Pyrem were walking through. Pyrem throws a lot of trust upon his love Ingra as Enson wants to talk with him privately and Pyrem doesn't allow this, he feels comfortable with Ingra by his side. It was a strange world that Enson shows Pyrem & Ingra. A world called 'Forest' in which a great warrior carries the Sigil mark. Pyrem steps upon this world as a mighty godly figure that he is and saves the Sigil bearing warrior and the warrior is more than thankful. It nows sheds light on the fact that Sigil bearers and godly beings can possibly make peace together. When Enson sees the true colors of Ingra, his doubts on her love for Pyrem seems more confirmed. Barbara leaves us with a compelling chapter to this saga of greatness between gods and men.

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