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Tomb Raider: Journeys #9

Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Fiona Kai Avery
Artists: Manny Clark (p), Marlo Alquiza/Sal Regla (i)

Publisher: Image/Top Cow

Lara Croft is on the hunt for the Dream Spear (stolen from a British Museum); said hunt takes her to the forests of New Zealand, looking for a remote band of Maori Indians, the true owners of the spear. They seem pleased to see her (huh? why?) and reveal the spear has been taken to the Underworld - basically into the Dreamtime it seems - and Lara will only be allowed access if she wins a fight to the death with a member of the tribe.

Part of my problem with this book is the art - it seems more concerned with highlighting Lara's, er, natural assets, too many porn-film poses, and general bad-girl-art than in actually telling a comic book story. For example, the "fight-to-the-death" is pretty static, and leads straight into a scene where Lara has to strip naked to receive an all-over body tattoo to access the underworld. Oh dear. Of course, it's an all-ages book, so everything interesting is covered upů

The other part of the problem with this book is that it is all too easy for Lara. It just feels like scripting-by-numbers - meet the tribe, have a fight, get naked, have a deep meaningful conversation, have another fight - it's all so ho-hum, I'm afraid. The art is too focused on Lara's body and nothing else, the story seems to serve getting her naked, it's like the bad old days of Witchblade, all style and no substance. I'm hoping the next storyline picks things up substantially.

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