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Powers #27

Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming

Publisher: Image

Who'd be a superpowered human in Powers? Either you'd be killed in short order, usually grisly murdered; or you might die in a hideous accident; or you'd get banged up on suspicion of causing one of the former two to happen to someone else.

The latest Power to snuff it is The Red Hawk, leader of classic superteam The Unity - basically these guys are the JLA with swear words. Someone killed Red Hawk in a nasty murder, and Detectives Walker and Pilgrim question another member of The Unity about the team and the murder…and prepare to move onto to yet another member when something very nasty happens, which literally changes the landscape of the Powers world.

It doesn't matter that this is part two of a multi-part story, the recap is first class and you are eased into the story with a Silver Age take on an adventure of The Unity, complete with dotted colouring…you think you're in a for typical Silver Age flashback, until you hit the second page and Dragonfist's dialogue including such bon mots as "shit", "shit", "dickhole" and "ultradyke".

This ain't your dad's JLA, baby.

Couple this package with pages of letters and interviews with Bendis, plus a special two-page extract from the upcoming trade "Bendis Total Sell-Out" and you have one of the finest comics on the market, and possibly Image's best.

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