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Firebreather #1

Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Andy Kuhn

Publisher: Image

Firebreather is the story of a high school kid called Duncan, mother a nice, normal human being. Dad is...godzilla. And Duncan looks like a cross between the two.

It's a story of prejudice and high school bullying, so well tread ground and to be honest there's nothing surprising or innovative in the tale - the first two-thirds of the book involves Duncan being treated badly by most pupils, finding a friend or two who can look beyond his surface features to the person inside. The last third is a bit Buffy-ish, a big nasty attacks the school, traps Duncan's new friend, Duncan saves the day. No surprises there.

What is good about this book is the dialogue - read it out loud, and it sounds pretty much spot-on, some of the dialogue is subtle - there's a particularly nice comment near the beginning when a young Duncan asks his mother where daddy is - she just says he has some very important business in Tokyo.

It's a pleasant read, the art is pleasing to the eye although the colouring suffers from an abundance of red, orange and yellow throughout - it's an attempt to breakaway from traditional superheroes and spandex and present normal people in abnormal situations and abnormal people in normal situations, is suitable for all ages and a pretty good introductory comic...I do suspect it reads better for a reader still in high school than a more, er, mature chap such as myself. It's got promise.

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