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Fantastic Four #64

Posted: Monday, December 30, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Mike Wieringo(p), Karl Kesel(i), Paul Mounts(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Many a Whovian will likely get a flashback to "Mawdryn Undead" when reading Fantastic Four, and although the climax of Mr. Waid's first FF storyarc bares a startling similarity, the characters do make the difference. He uses the twist in an exciting fashion, and before the coda ensues more thrills can be found in the mini-battle against Johnny and Ben.

Last issue, Sue Storm lost her arm and hand to the creature of algorithms, and as the creature wrecks the lab, Mr. Waid subtly reminds readers that there is the possibility of loss during the chase. We really do not believe Sue or any of the other FF will die, but the fact that I was worried about whether or not Sue would fall into the Babs Gordon trap shows that the writing affects the reader at a very primal level.

Mike Wieringo again shows his versatility as an artist. Known mainly for his fantasy works in The Dungeons and Dragons game modules as well as the ever recommended Telos which can probably be found in trade paperback by now, Mr. Wieringo shows off his skill at simple super-heroic action as well as, with a big glowing green hand from Paul Mounts, science fiction.

Mr. Wieringo has been accused of dipping too often in the manga well, but I see his style more a mixture of animation. Whatever it is, it works to bring out the emotions in the FF. The looks of determination and pain on Sue's face are particularly memorable, and Reed's uncharacteristic--but perfectly reasonable--anger sears the pages and make the story much more dramatic.

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