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Agent X #6

Posted: Saturday, December 28, 2002
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Udon with Alvin Lee, Eric Vedder, Rob Ross, Calvin Lo, Shane Law, TheRealT! & Omar Dogan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Agent X and friends do battle with an army of third rate baddies, and Agent X is placed in the position of coming up with the cunning plan that will resolve this conflict.

If you've enjoyed what Gail Simone's been offering up over the past year then chances are likely that you'll find this issue a lot of fun. From the opening page where Agent X moons the gathered villains, to Taskmaster's exchange with the daughters of Batroc the Leaper & Tarantula, this issue is littered with amusing moments that left me smiling. I also have to make mention of the Rhino's defeat, as it's a priceless bit of slapstick comedy, and it's about time a comic writer noticed that most battle armor worn by super-villains leaves the leaves the face completely open to attack. The solution that Agent X comes up with to end this fight is also pretty clever, as it plays up the character's darker side quite nicely. As for the art, Udon Studios continues to excel at it's delivery of the big action scenes, and they do a pretty solid job with the visual comedy as well.

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