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Avengers #62

Posted: Friday, December 27, 2002
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Gary Frank (p), Jon Sibal (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

In the aftermath of the recent crisis we learn the troubling source of Jack of Heart's short fuse, while Ant-Man's relationship with his daughter takes an unexpected turn.

A pretty solid character issue, and since it's focus is centered around two characters who I've never invested much attention in, I have to give Geoff John full marks for making this issue such an engaging read. The situation with Jack of Hearts has a nice tragic element to it, as we see his powers are more of a curse than a blessing. However, the most powerful moments in this story stem from the section that looks at Ant-Man's personal life, as we see his association with the Avengers results in a fairly grievous blow to his world. Hopefully this situation will carry over into the pages of "Alias". As for the art, Jon Sibal's inks seem to be giving Gary Frank's pencils a rougher edge, but the art does gain a nice photo-realistic quality, so I'm not going to make too much of a fuss. The art certainly does a nice job of conveying Jack of Heart's anger.

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