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Scooby-Doo #67

Posted: Sunday, December 15, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Icy Reception"
"Fright Before Christmas"

Writer: Frank Strom
Artists: Anthony Williams; Joe Staton(p), Jeff Albrect;Dave Hunt(i) Paul Becton(c)
Publisher: DC

In Scooby-Doo's "Icy Reception," Frank Strom finds mystery in the skating world. The ghosts here are based here on Russian folk tales as well as contemporary heroes. Mystery Inc. fresh from their "Dragon's Eye" stay in sharp character while solving this particular dilemma.

The mystery is not fairplay, but the unique backdrop and the innocent insights into the characterization nicely makeup for the lack of any real clues to uncover the man behind the mask.

Anthony Williams and Jeff Albrecht along with the ever reliable palette of Paul Becton take several departures from the Hanna-Barbera (WB) models, but they still offer valid interpretations of the gang.

Mr. Strom finds a neat little twist to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in "Fright Before Christmas." A fun running joke is when the three ghosts actually persuade Shaggy and Scooby to turn over a new leaf even when they didn't do anything wrong. Joe Staton is on hand to give the story extra depth and portray the gang in vibrant brilliance.

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